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Señor Papper's - Mexican Restaurant and Catering Services in Whittier and all Southern California

Life goes really fast, so fast that sometimes we forget about the little details that make it a whole. One of these details, nowadays underrated, is food, as simple and necessary as it gets.  There are so many options when it comes to be about food, but not many of them are as tasty and with the quality that it’s deserved. 

It is easy to think that as long as you are feed it’s going to be enough but the true is that you actually are what you eat. So you need to eat only the best, to be healthy and to enjoy, it is well known that food has always been a matter in every culture along the times and around the world. 

In our case, we bring to Whittier a part of Mexican culture, one of the biggest parts, its food. Everybody knows that Mexican food is full of tasty and interesting dishes but what they don’t know is how easy it is to find a good Mexican restaurant in southern California. We have from the easy, economic and tasty soft tacos to a little more complicated dish like enchiladas, burritos and soups, the best of Mexican catering available. 

We want everyone to try our food, and that’s why we take good care of everyone’s needs. If you think that Mexican food is too fattening or if you are a vegetarian, we still have good options for you, such as our vegetarian burrito, tacos and of course many types of salads, just check out our menu, you will find something you will love for sure.

 When we tell you that we are giving you the best, is because we are. Our Mexican restaurant has been sharing our dishes to all our costumers since 1994; we have all the experience that you are looking for plus more. We are open Monday to Saturday from 9 to 9 and Sundays from 9 to 8, you can stop by anytime you feel hungry with the best ingredients with no lard or msg. 

Come visit Señor Peppers Mexican grill and catering, we guarantee you that here, all food is made from scratch every day. Once you eat here, you won’t ever leave.

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